jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2007

WHITE LION Signed To Frontier Records

Frontiers Records has announced the signing of WHITE LION for the band's first studio album in 16 years, entitled "Return of the Pride". The CD was produced by MIKE TRAMP and Claus Langeskov during 2007 in both Australia and Copenhagen and is scheduled for release on March 14.

According to singer MIKE TRAMP, the album title could be interpreted in two ways. "In a musical sense, we have taken a step back in time rather than a step forward in time," he says. "Over the course of this album, lyrically and musically many concepts and themes have been explored. Maybe 'Return of the Pride' means something entirely different."

WHITE LION will hit the road again in the summer of 2008. "We are not interested in fixing what isn't broke," says Mike. "Our mission is simple: to bring the classic sound of WHITE LION to the people that still live for that music." Mike adds that the band's new album will be "classic rock in its truest form and a representation of the musical influences that have attached themselves over time."

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