martes, 11 de diciembre de 2007

Regalos de Navidad (6): FLYING PIG HAT

jajajaaj, joder, es totalmente ridículo el sombrerito, pero mirarte te iban a mirar bien jajajaajajj, mejor que el gorro de papa Nöel, dónde va a parar.
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If you only buy one stupid hat in your lifetime, make it this one. We have yet to see a hat as blatantly ridiculous as the Flying Pig Hat.

It's a plush, pink porker that sits on your head, happy as a pig in... well, happy. And since this is a flying pig, it has a handsome pair of wings Jutting out its back.

Now here's the best part -- When you pull on the hat's chin strap, the wing's actually flap up and down! If that's not a stupid hat, we're not the best site on the internet.

Wear one to a party... or better yet, wear one to work! And if you can get anyone to talk to you, tell them you got it at

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