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David Readman

When German melodic hardrockers PINK CREAM 69 signed to Frontiers Records, one was the main point wriggling around my mind: who would expose his 'closet' first? The band or the label? Well, the band's latest "In10sity" release saw nothing less than the quintet's familiar style. And it's vocalist Dave Readman going solo now, with an album as expected to be, and really acts as desired by the label's profile without omitting his band's ideals.
OK, Dave (ex-ADAGIO) was clever enough to let PC69 members out of the playing team. But - on the other hand - when you choose Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69 bassist & songwriter) to handle the production of your first solo album, then it' obvious the spirit will float all around. For those having heard him in the ANDERSEN/LAINE/READMAN 2006 project (I haven't), conclusions or comparisons may (or not) be more specific or-down-to-earth. For me, admiring this vocalist all the way in his 13-year career with 'das Pinkies', by listening to the album for a couple of times, things did start getting clear enough.
Raise your hands, if you assume David Readman's first solo attempt is a mix of the PC69 dynamics/sound and the Frontiers melodies/'mainstream'-ness (sic). You win. In fact, the album can be described as 'chopped in half'. There's no chance you'll feel let down if you consider yourself to be an (at least) post-Deris PC69 devotee. Tunes like "No Peace For The Wicked", "Evil Combination", "Wild In The City", "Prisoner Of Shame" and "New Messiah" will suit like a glove to your taste. The other way round, Frontiers catalogue fanatics will find real interest in an album with good hooks and real appetite for sweet harmonies. Try songs like "Without You", "Don't Let It Slip Away" (first video clip), "Long Way To Heaven", "Gentle Touch", "Over The Ocean" and "Love In Vain" to see a slightly 'heavier' Melodic Rock approach.
Apart from his abilities as a songwriter, David Readman's vocals are (again) more than fine. Nuff said. Guest players include Alex Beyrodt (SILENT FORCE), Paul Logue (of EDEN'S CURSE fame - co-wrote two songs with Dave), Dirk Bruinenberg (ELEGY), Eric Ragno (ex-TAKARA), bandmate Uwe Reitenauer, Tommy Denander (have mercy!) and Gunter Werno (VANDENPLAS). The album was recorded in two phases, one prior and one after the "In10sity" recordings.
"I am very happy with the record", the British singer recently stated. "It was a big deal for me — a real learning curve. I'm also interested to hear what the people have to say about it; I'm very inpatient". Hmmm...I'm not that much into this 'leaning curve. ' thing, David, but I like the album. For (at least) the record, you'll like it too (from youtube)

Dont Let It Slip Away

Only the Good Die Young

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