domingo, 8 de julio de 2007


Noticia recogida en la página oficial de Helloween

Gamma Ray joins Helloween's European Tour
Friday, 15 June 2007
Helloween & Gamma Ray 2006
As already rumoured during the last couple of weeks, it is now confirmed that GAMMA RAY will team up with HELLOWEEN on their upcoming European tour! The tour will kick off mid of November this year, and the line up will be completed by 1-2 additional acts.

Apart from very few festival appearances, this will be the first time ever both bands touring together and bears the possibility of Kai Hansen -GAMMA RAY leader and ex- HELLOWEEN member- entering the stage to jam one or the other classic Helloween-song with his former band mates!

“This is going to be a historical event for all Helloween fans, we are looking forward to have Kai and his band on our tour with us” states Helloween guitarist Michael Weikath.

It is also planned –but not confirmed- to expand this promising package to the territories of South East Asia, North and South America.

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