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Evanescence (lithium)

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Dalian football announces Xu Hong to will assume important post in drill team inside amalgamative a week
After A Erbin buys real moral character, amalgamative be related did not give out up to now clear view. When Li Ming of A Erbin general manager spoke of amalgamative progress yesterday, express: "Should say about the same, there can be final result to announce in a week. " as we have learned, plan the carapace that is real moral character not to sell at present, course of study of the member that the coach is comprised affirms basically already, the green example director of new Dalian team also will invite native land coach.
At the beginning of this month, a Erbin group purchased club of real moral character with the price of 320 million RMB, but former on this month 7 days are held buy succeeding activity conference to was not held up to now. At present numerous doubt affects Chinese football, core problem is heart of the fact after incorporating " housing " it is resell still is cancelled directly, this also involves relevant team add contest and matters concerned of fill vacancies in the proper order. To this, sufficient assist prepared Shen Xin to increase by degrees directly and two when play add game beforehand case. Sufficient assist relevant section confirms at present two clubs still inform China not formally sufficient assist follow-up of amalgamative matters concerned tackles Dalian football circumstance.
What Li Ming disclosed real moral character yesterday is medium the possibility that exceeds a qualification to be called in is larger, "Everything waits for us to follow even sufficient assist the final opinion of negotiation outcome and government. " this also means real moral character " housing " will sell no longer. To new team advocate the numerous problem such as handsome, team member, li Ming expresses: "Still undertaking harmony now, include to whether take over Dalian women football to wait a moment. Nevertheless a lot of things talk almost, should the time that a week influences can have final decision. Should the time that a week influences can have final decision..
As we have learned, the native land coach such as great of such as [url=http://www.nikeshoxsale99.com/]clearance nike shoes[/url] Xu, Sun Wei will be in team of coach of new Dalian team holds dominant position. (reporter Sun Yongjun)